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Work Package 4 (WP4) “European teacher professional development” aims to foster professional development among teachers by creating and activating a European community of practice. The project proposes five pathways for teachers from Greece, Germany, France, Italy, and Belgium, with an approach based on complementarity, mutual transfer of skills, co-construction, innovation, and enhancement of individual and collective reflections.

Each┬ápathway┬áconsists of three┬áconsecutive┬ámeetings: an online focus group, a 3-day pedagogical workshop, and a final online meeting with experts and colleagues. Throughout the project, participants will have access to a range of theoretical, methodological, and pedagogical┬áresources on the project’s online platform.
WP4 of the UNI-T project is designed to provide teachers with a European community of practice that fosters professional development through the sharing of experiences, expertise, and resources, leading to the innovation and enhancement of their pedagogical practice.

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