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The aim of this Work Package (WP5), led by the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), is to develop and reinforce the links between pedagogical teams in schools and researchers team from the department of education of the consortium.


  • Develop and support collaborative action research¬†projects¬†within the UNI-T;
  • Create¬†communities of practices around¬†these¬†projects;
  • ¬†Reinforce the transnational approach of collaborative research¬†associating¬†teachers and researchers in education;
  • ¬†This WP is¬†based on scientific¬†committee¬†work¬†including¬†internal¬†member of the consortium and external¬†members;
  • ¬†Organization of an online meeting to select projects of research-action on several¬†criteria;
  • ¬†The selected¬†projects are funded for a maximum duration of 18 months and a maximum of 10 000 euros per project. The aim of these¬†projects¬†is to have a direct impact on schools
  • Research action projects

Research action projects

Game-based teaching of ToE – Effect of game-based teaching of the theory of evolution in initial teacher training

Game-based learning is a popular approach to offer the opportunity to support student engagement and motivation (Aprea & Ifenthaler, 2021). The Theory of Evolution (ToE) is complex and is a teaching challenge to understand biodiversity. It is therefore essential to strengthen joint knowledge in biology and mathematics with greater collaboration between statistical and biological educators to make real progress in teaching the ToE. Game-based pre-service teacher training will improve students' understanding of the concept of threshold: "chance".

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CONAPEDE The concept of nature to the test of outdoor education

CONAPEDE, a transnational research on outdoor education : To problematize, through an analysis of controversies in various disciplinary fields, how actors on the ground apprehend the concept of 'nature' in outdoor pedagogies, in order to identify its political, social, and philosophical implications ; To co-construct evolving interdisciplinary pedagogical and didactic approaches on the concept of 'nature' for multiple school levels; And to train teachers by supporting them in the experimentation and evaluation of new pedagogical and didactic approaches.

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CARE Critical Assessment and REflection in school practice

Through this project, we intend to produce an impact on two different levels: the first level concerns the impact on the professional development of teachers and the consequent impact on increasing the quality of school contexts; the second level concerns the impact on pedagogical research.

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MOSAIC Making Our School An Inclusive Context for all families? An action research on co-approachIng multiliteraCies

MOSAIC Making Our School An Inclusive Context for all families? An action research on co-approachIng multiliteraCies Dates June 2023 ‚Äď Decemeber 2024 Thematics Family-School Partnership (FSP) in an inclusive perspective Facilitation of the FSP in different school contexts through the professional development of inservice teachers by using reflecting practices and […]

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HAPPI How are active pedagogies designed, supported and implemented?

HAPPI, a collaborative action research project involving various school and research players in Europe, to : Identify the various representations behind the concept of active pedagogies, depending on the actors and contexts involved; Analyze the place of active pedagogies in initial and continuing training, as well as the needs of players in the field; And support the reflexivity of players in relation to their practices and experimentation with new ways of doing things (and share resources for doing so).

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DoDiMu Practices of ¬ę doing ¬Ľ (socio-cultural) difference and dealing¬†with¬†multilingualism in the classroom: perception, reflection and change through¬†video-based¬†learning in communities of practice

DoDiMu Practices of ¬ę doing ¬Ľ (socio-cultural) difference and dealing with multilingualism in the classroom: perception, reflection and change through video-based learning in communities of practice Dates April 2024 ‚Äď July 2025 Thematics Cultural diversity awareness multilingualism/plurlingualism inclusion Education level involved Teacher education (pre- and in-service teachers) for high schools […]

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TEAcher COmpetence for Sustainability and Environmental Education

TEACOSEE TEAcher COmpetence for Sustainability and Environmental Education Dates June 2023 ‚Äď December 2024 Thematics Sustainability and Environmental Education Education level involved Primary school, Tertiary education Keywords Sustainability, Environmental Education, teachers training Teacosee aims to investigate the possible linkage between teachers‚Äô environmental values and teachers‚Äô competences to develop effective SEE […]

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