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1st Kindergarten of Moschato (Athens)

Biographical Info

Our Kindergarten has a capacity of 84 children A and B aged (4- 6 years).

This school year is attended by 78 children. There are five classes. One of them is an Integration class for  children with special educational needs.

In the school year 2022-2023 there work there twelve teachers.

Regarding the socio-economic and cultural background, the children come from middle-class.

It is important to mention that many of the families living in this suburb have characteristics of a nuclear family. (grandmothers and grandparents live near their children and take part in the children’s daily program) . The education of their children is of high priority for them. Fifteen years ago there were economic migrants from Egypt who left with the economic crisis in Greece. Between 2015 and two years ago there were refugees mainly from Syria (families with children) because there was a small accommodation structure for refugees (building) and apartments that were rented/owned by the UNHCR. But the structures were closed and the apartments were no longer available. Refugees have been reduced to a minimum and migrants too. Recent years in the region’s schools there are mostly children of immigrants from 2nd and 3rd generation Albania.

There are also school years that we have a good percentage of bilingual children (other mother tongue) due to the many shipping workers who live in our municipality.

We are also the school that receives children from the home of Hamogelo tou Paidiou (host structure for children from parents with social problems).

The Moschato community of the Municipality of Moschato Tavros, where the 1st Kindergarten of Moschato is located is a relatively quiet small suburb with low construction in its center which, compared to neighboring municipalities has some open spaces (squares) where children can meet and play . It’s not too much to mention that the Moschato community has the characteristics of a small city, everyone knows each other.

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