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Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer (HEFF)

Website: https://www.he-ferrer.eu/
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Francisco Ferrer College is a Higher Education institution of Brussels. Founded on principles of democracy, neutrality and pluralism, its teaching belongs to the official subsidized network and is accessible to all, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, political, philosophical or religious convictions.

Pedagogical Department education is based on the training of humanistic, autonomous, responsible, free, emancipated and interdependent students. This education combines theory and practice in a climate of otherness, interculturality and citizenship. From the first year, students are in classrooms.

The school favors active methods to enable interdisciplinary work that will make students rich in their differences. It aims to train students for their future professional environment, in other words, for the culture of the educational institution, of which they will one day be the vector.

HEFF has been involved in a number of international projects for many years, and regularly initiates new partnerships around the world. Driven by European mobility programs, our teachers and students benefit from sharing their expertise and experience abroad.

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