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INDIRE – the National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research, is the Italian Ministry of Education’s oldest research organisation. As well as its headquarters in Florence, it has three regional units in Turin, Rome and Naples.

Since its foundation in 1925, the Institute has worked closely with the Italian school system, investing in training and innovation while supporting improvement processes in schools.

INDIRE is the benchmark for educational research in Italy. It develops new teaching models, tries out new technology for training courses, and fosters innovation redefining the relationship between space and time of learning and teaching. The Institute boasts consolidated experience in the in-service training of teachers, administrative, technical and auxiliary staff as well as headmasters, and has been a leading player in some of the most important e-learning experiences in Europe. INDIRE is also a part of the National Evaluation System for Education and Training. In this field, the Institute develops actions to support educational improvement processes to raise teaching quality and pupils’ achievements.


Thanks to its direct connection with Italian schools of all levels and thanks to its scientific and operational expertise in the field of in-service teacher training and learning assessment, INDIRE can play an important role in the project. In particular, it can intervene in the dissemination strategy to promote awareness of the project and its results; on the other hand, in the context of exploitation, it can encourage teachers to adopt the project products in their daily practice. Finally, it can contribute to the development of new certification protocols for skills acquired in non-formal and informal contexts, such as those the project proposes through the use of Open Badges.

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