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Istituto Marymount Roma

via Nomentana, 355 – 00162 roma Roma RM 00191 Italie
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Biographical Info

Marymount is a member of the Global Network of RSHM Schools. They collaborate closely with Marymount Schools in Rome, Paris, London and New York through festivals of learning, sports, music, theatre, the arts, and Model United Nations. Furthermore, Marymount’s Global Network of RSHM Schools extends to 18 other schools around the world including Los Angeles, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

As a school focused on the full development of the human person, Marymount’s mission is to welcome students of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, seeking to guide them toward their full potential by striving to prepare them both academically and spiritually to be lifelong learners and tomorrow’s leaders, as well as to respond generously to the needs of our world and promote justice and dignity for all.

Contribution to the UNI-T project

International Outlook: Since 1930, the Marymount Institute has embraced an international perspective. This complements the UNI-T project’s goal of enhancing European teacher training’s international dimension. Marymount Institute can share its expertise in promoting internationalism in education.

Bilingual Program: Marymount offers a comprehensive Italian-English bilingual program, fostering cross-cultural understanding and effective communication, aligning with UNI-T’s goal to encourage European teachers to think globally.

Environmental Initiatives: Marymount’s kindergarten and primary school programs for environmental education and climate action align with UNI-T’s efforts to promote global dialogues on pressing issues. Their certifications as a European Blue School and the Climate Action Project School of Excellence highlight a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Global Politics Program: Marymount’s secondary school program on international politics supports UNI-T’s aim to enhance European teacher training’s international dimension. It involves discussions on European identity and immigration, echoing the project’s emphasis on a broader perspective.

Collaborative Approach: The UNI-T project fosters European communities of practice for educators. Marymount’s participation alongside international institutions strengthens this approach, promoting knowledge exchange and best practices.

  1. Professional Development: UNI-T offers professional development and mobility opportunities. Marymount’s educators can engage in transnational activities and network with European counterparts, enhancing their teaching careers.

Institution type : International private School

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