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Roma Tre University

Department of Education Science (DSF)
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The attention to equity, sustainability and inclusive dimension is a strong point of Roma Tre University. Roma Tre can contribute to identify the good educational practices because the Department of Education Sciences is endowed with teachers with a specific teaching expertise in special education and, in particular, in the use of music and arts to promote the learning and participation of pupils with special educational needs.

Moreover, Roma Tre has always been a point of reference for teacher training.

Roma Tre trains educators and teachers of all school orders, from early education to high secondary school, through degree courses and specialization courses

Therefore, Roma Tre can also promote the dissemination of good teaching practices emerged from the project both through its undergraduate and postgraduate courses and because it systematically realizes, with different modalities (in presence, on line and blended) training courses, conferences and research projects involving schools and third sector associations.

Roma Tre also provides further contexts for discussion with teachers and dissemination of project results:

  • specialization courses organized for teachers of all schoolorderswho¬†intend to become ‚Äúsupport teachers‚ÄĚ. The courses are organized¬†every¬†year and they¬†welcome¬†hundreds of partecipants¬†from all over Italy.
  • PhD in Educational and Social Research. For a period of threeyears, the doctorateincludes the Theory and Research in Education curriculum, which¬†is¬†strongly¬†interconnected¬†with the school world.
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