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The Limited liability company SAMA

Biographical Info

The purpose of the companỳ is the following activities:

– the design and implementation of health promotion activities with particular regard to the practice of Mindfulness and the dissemination of the human and ethical qualities related to it at the individual, relational, social and ecological levels, particularly in educational settings, through the implementation of psycho-educational training activities, research-intervention and the dissemination of related results related to the promotion of well-being;

– the training of “Mindfulness” teachers and instructors through pathways dedicated to particular categories of people, such as the Mindfulness-Based Teachers and Students (MBTS) Pathway, the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction BREATH (MBSR BREATH) Pathway, and the Mindfulness for Help and Care (MHC) Pathway, and other pathways also related to the relationship to the environment;

– the organization of national and international conferences and congresses to spread knowledge around mindfulness practice, its applications and evidence-based effects.

– the organization of educational projects aimed at children, youth, parents and teachers through the provision of play, workshops or other activities on the theme of Mindfulness;

– the development of studies, research, feasibilitỳ plans, and pathway projects related to the theme of Mindfulness.

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