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Apostolia Galani

Associate Professor in Didactics of Geography National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
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Biographical Info

Apostolia (Lia) Galani is Associate Professor in Didactics of Geography at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.  She received her PHD in “Approaches to teaching Dynamic Geographical Phenomena” from Democritus University of Thrace – Greece and she is specialized in “Teaching Advanced Placement Human Geography” at the University of Oregon, USA.

She is Coordinator and Senior Researcher in 1 international and 17 European and National Research projects in the areas of her specialization and active member of national, European and international academic associations in the field of her expertise.

She worked for about 10 years at the Pedagogical Institute of Greece. In this framework she developed more than 6 Curricula for Primary and Secondary education, 2 curricula and material for inclusive education and 3 curricula for professional teachers and school directors. She participated as a lecturer in more than 40 lectures and workshops concerning the capacity building of school directors and teachers and she was evaluator of research projects and educational material.

She has collaborated with big Organisations in Greece such as Genadios Library, the Archaeological Society at Athens, the Ancient Agora, on the design of educational activities and software for devices in order to support museum and library visits. She also cooperates with Laskaridis Foundation and the Foundation of the Hellenic World in non-formal educational projects concerning science and cultural geography.

She has authored more than 15 books and 80 international papers or chapters. She is the author of the official school textbooks for Geography in lower secondary education from 2007 till today

Contribution to the UNI-T project

Apostolia (Lia) Galanis in the UNI-T project collaborates with the Greek team leader of the project Mrs. Misailidou and the deputy team leader Mrs. Sfyroera in the organisation and completion of the work undertaken by the University of Athens. Thus she participates in all work packages with different tasks.
 In WP2 Lia Galanis participates in the coordination of the working groups and in the definition of the criteria and the evaluation of the blended courses. She also participates in the communities of practice, and in the dissemination of the results of the project.

Other current projects

  • Digitization, documentation and multichannel availability of the material of the Kairios Library of Andros”, Municipality of Andros, 12.12.2022-12.11.2023
  • Heatwaves Awareness Education through Online Learning (HEAT), Erasmus+, KA220-SCH – Cooperation partnerships in school education, EL01 – Greek State Scholarship’s Foundation (IKY), RN 19459, 1.12.2022-31.11.2024
  • Representations of identities through technology, RN 18328, 1.1.2022 – 25.5.2022
  • Eurocraft2: Updating software for the communication of cultural heritage, RN 17880, 4.8.2021-31.12.2021
  • Developing Textbook Evaluation Requirements and Capacity Building of Experts, World Bank and Republic of Kazakstan 2020-2021, KZEMP/QCBS-01, RN 17264
  • Rapid training of teachers in the implementation of distance education (holistic approach)”, – Operational Program “Human Resource Development, Education and Lifelong Learning 2014-2020”, co-financing by the National Documentation Center and National Resources, 15/2/2021 to 31/7/2021, contract number 17236
  • “Development of an advanced, innovative and state-of-the-art infrastructure of digital educational escape games, for the promotion of the country’s cultural heritage, in Greek and English language” with the acronym “Escape in Culture”, NATIONAL ACTION: “Research – Create – Innovate 2nd Cycle”, Energy Code: 2231335, 2021-2023

Field of expertise

  • Didactics
  • Geography Education
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