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🏙️ Salamina 📅 May to June 2024 📚 Pre school

This pre school located in the city of Athens will be pleased to welcome you for a three-week internship.

The 5th Kindergarten of Salamina has been in operation as a one-teacher school since 1986. It is located at 3, Papasideris street, in Alonia, one of the oldest neighborhoods of the island of Salamina, at the foot of the Profitis Ilias hill overlooking the town.

The kindergarten is housed in an old listed building of historical value, as it was the home of Giorgos Papasideris, a celebrated 20th-century singer of Greek folk music.

This year the kindergarten has 19 preschoolers (10 children at the age of compulsory attendance and 9 younger children at the age of optional attendance). Three students have special educational needs and are supported by teaching assistants. This year this kindergarten also started offering an after-school programme as well as English language courses. 

In addition to educating children, the 5th Kindergarten School of Salamina aims to co-educate parents through collaborative projects, thus building a relationship of mutual trust and interaction with families. At the same time, it develops actions which are open to the wider community, so as to create an open learning community at a micro level with everyone involved in the learning process (children, parents, teachers, community and other actors). 

Our basic principles of cooperation are based on respecting the diversity and the cultural capital of each member of the school community. Our school makes a systematic effort to bring all members together around commonly accepted practices through educational projects and to strengthen the sense of belonging to a group. The pedagogical principles draw on modern theories of learning, especially those that promote exploratory learning, learning from errors, problem solving and autonomy.

Age of the students: 6 to 12 years old.

Languages taught: English,

Categories: Mobilities

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