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🏙️ Marseille 📅 30th September to 19th October and 4th November to 20th December 2024 📚 Middle School

This middle located in the city of Marseille will be pleased to welcome you for your mobility UNI-T.

The school is located in a neighbourhood characterized by a wide range of geographical origins and diversity, that makes it so special.

In this school, teaching practices are varied and teachers are constantly challenging themselves. Edgar Quinet can be seen as a laboratory for pedagogical innovation with severals initiaves: monitoring pupils with special educational needs, combating bullying, valuing pupils, “cordées de la réussite”, Webradio, pupils’ personal work, etc

The Edgar Quinet middle school has around 600 pupils from 7th to 10th grade, supervised and supported by a team with over 9 years’ experience.

Age of the students: 11 to 15 years old.

Categories: Mobilities

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