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🏙️ Marseille 📅 30th September to 19th October and 4th November to 20th December 2024 📚 Middle School

This middle school located in the city of Marseille will be pleased to welcome you for your mobility UNI-T.

The Longchamp middle school is located in the centre of Marseille. The school climate and the fight against harassment are two major themes of this school project. The school is a dynamic place, and a number of projects have also been put in place to enhance the cultural openness of our students.

The school has a number of special educational structures and options that have been in operation for many years: 8 bilingual German groups, 4 bilingual Russian groups, 4 CHAM classes (music classes: instruments), 1 EANA class (allophone pupils) and 3 FREINET cooperative classes, 9 ECLA groups (Latin/Greek).

Age of the students: from 11 to 15 years old.

Languages taught: English, German, Russian.

Categories: Mobilities

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