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🏙️ Suburb of Athens 📅 From October 2024 📚 Elementary School 

This elementary school located in the suburb of Athens will be pleased to welcome you for your mobility UNI-T.   

The 1st Experimental School of Chalandri is a primary school which is located in the northern suburbs of Athens and specifically in the town of Chalanadri.

The 1st Experimental School of Chalandri follows the national curriculum for primary schools in Greece.

The subjects taught in the school are: Religious Education, Language, Mathematics, History, History, Environmental Studies, Geography, Physics and Biology, Social and Civic Education, Art, Physical Education, English, Skills Workshops, Second Foreign Language and Information and Communication Technologies. 

Age of the students: 6 to 12 years old.

Languages taught: Greek, English, French and German. 

Categories: Mobilities

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