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🏙️ Athens (Moschato) 📅 May to June 2024 📚 Pre-School

This pre school located in the city of Athens will be pleased to welcome you for a three-week internship.

The Kindergarten has a capacity of 84 children, aged (4- 6 years). There are five classes and one of them is an Integration class for children with special educational needs. 

Recent years in the region’s schools, there are mostly children of immigrants from second and third generation of Albania.

The school also receives children from the home of Hamogelo tou Paidiou (host structure for children from parents with social problems).

The school follows the Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Preschool Education ( Literacy, Mathematics, Sciences, Arts).

The School is located in a relatively quiet small suburb of Athens.

Age of the students: 4 – 6 years old

Languages taught: Greek, English as foreign language to students (once a week).

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