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Dear community,


The UNI-T Academy team wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. We hope this year 2024 will be successful and joyful for you all.

The project UNI-T Academy is starting this new year with new objectives to achieve, a new year that will be focus even more on mobilities, exchange and joint projects.

On this year 2024, we will organise a new community of practice in Marseille from 18th to 20th March on Education for the SDGs and the ecological transition for sustainable development. At the end of this year, Tübingen University will welcome the 4th UNI-T community of practice (October, December 2024 – February 2025) and the last Community of Practice will be hosted by the NKUA starting from February 2025.

In the coming months, UNI-T Academy members will also start to implement its mobility program for student-teachers, teachers and staff members which will be a new opportunity to create exchanges and improve the knowledge and expertise in the education and students-teachers training of our community.

We hope you look forward to discover and be part of our next activities and events as much as we do.

Once again, happy new year

UNI-T Academy Team

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