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Next week the UNI-T consortium meeting will take place. This meeting will mark the half-way point in the project. The coordinators from each of the partner institutions will be meeting to take stock of the activities carried out and the next steps to be taken. It will also be an opportunity to reflect on the future of UNI-T.

During this event, on November 29, 2023, at Sapienza University of Rome, will take place the event “Engage, learn & connECT”. One day to explore innovative educational methods in Sapienza.

This event will bring together key stakeholders, including UNESCO’s Assistant Director General for Education and project leaders from “UNI-T Academy”.

This special moment will also count on the presence of “Service-Learning: Intersectoral Collaboration Practices for The Development Of Students’ Soft Skills And Socially Engaged Universities”, students, and experts. They will convene to explore innovative approaches to education for sustainable development and foster collaboration in shaping the future of CIVIS. 

 On this day, several presentations, testimonies and workshops will be proposed to the UNI-T community. This event provides a valuable opportunity for dialogue and collaboration, contributing to the progress of CIVIS’s mission and vision in education. 

The morning plenary session will be accessible remotely, and speeches will be delivered in multiple languages, including Italian, French, and English. 

To attend the event online, please contact tatiana.bofi@univ-amu.fr

Article writen by Kiné THIAM

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