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The proposed training activities aim to provide participants with new skills and perspectives on the educational process through embodied artistic activities (visual arts, manual creating, drama-based performance), group work, and direct experiences. The program consists of six meetings, with two held in-person during one stay and the other four online, each lasting 2 to 4 hours. The program includes various meaningful activities, such as the creation of an A/R/Tography and the implementation of a classroom activity based on what has been learned, accompanied by formative assessments of the soft skills implemented. The program is organized to offer an introductory part, a central part with highly engaging participatory activities, and a time for both symbolic and reflective conclusion based on new researches in the educational field. The overall goal of the program is to promote a change of perspective among participants and equip them with new pedagogical and didactical approaches to engage and empower their students. Fully in line with the OECD’s Horizon 2030 objectives of developing new skills for a more viable and sustainable society, the program intends to provide a safe and inclusive space for participants to experiment with these new approaches and reflect on their teaching practices.

Main topics addressed

Learning outcomes

During the training, participants will develop various skills, including the ability to work in groups, the ability to communicate through all their bodily and verbally language repertoires, through representation and construction, the ability to observe and evaluate own transversal competencies and the competencies of others, and the ability to use art and manual work as a learning tools. Additionally, participants will gain a new perspective on the educational process and pedagogy, learning to use translanguaging through performative, visual and manual activities in different languages as a tool to engage students and stimulate their learning

Language : English

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Requirements :

Interest in pedagogies of affect in teaching and learning as part of curriculum, design and implementation of innovative programs and practices within various fileds of education

  • Emiliane RUBAT DU MERAC (Università Di Roma La SAPIENZA)

  • Sandrine ESCHENAUER (Aix-Marseille University)

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