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The Oïkos course, which lasts a total of 36 hours and includes individual reading, research, experimentation and evaluation, is intended for school staff who want to explore outdoor teaching methods and learn about scientific advances in the field. For an in-depth understanding of this course, we will begin with a brief overview of its history and international scope.


HAPPI training is a 36-hour module (including individual reading, research, experimentation and evaluation). Its aim is to help school staff interested in active teaching methods to experiment with new practices, and to raise awareness of scientific research on the subject.

Affectivity in Teaching

Within the AffecTeaching module Emotions, Belonging, and Social Connectedness will be used as benchmarks, for providing an up-to-date overview of innovative pedagogies and practices related to the promotion of students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) in various fields of education.

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