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Educational sciences, sociology of education



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Inequalities; teacher effects; school effects; differentiation

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Each year, the PISA tests highlight the extent of educational inequalities in FW-B. In order to combat this problem, this training course will involve participants in a discussion of the place, representations and management of ‘difference’ in the history of Belgian schools and their effects in terms of current school and classroom practices. Elements of scientific research on the different forms of differentiation and their effects in terms of reducing inequalities at school will be presented in order to enable a collective reflection on ways of combating inequalities at school in our classes and schools.

  1. The course begins with a remote (synchronous) presentation of school inequalities in FW-B: either via a power-point for the trainer; or by watching a video from Aped (Association pour une école démocratique) together.

  1. The students are then invited to watch, asynchronously, 3 scientific conferences on the issue of educational inequalities and differentiation.

  1. Finally, in the face-to-face session, the students share their differentiation practices and their strategies for combating inequalities at school, based on a common framework. In sub-groups, several pedagogical tools are proposed to the students, such as teaching, the work plan, 3-phase diagnostic assessments, etc. To do this, the students are invited to discuss collectively what they could implement in their class using the resources provided.

Teaching methods: collaborative perspective.

The course is designed to be in phase with the theories covered, offering concrete proposals for changing teaching practices. Participants will be encouraged to take an active role in their own training and professional development, while acquiring practical tools for combating inequalities in education

Main topics addressed

School inequalities in FW-B; differentiation practices; co-teaching; work plans

Learning outcomes

Present the problems of educational inequality in FW-B. Point out the elements of scientific research on the forms of differentiation and their effects. Find ways of differentiating and combating educational inequalities.

Language : French

Total workload : 14h

  • Elsa ROLAND (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

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