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Autumn semester 2024

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Master's, PhD


Skills, Assessment, Instructional design, Tranversality

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The curriculum includes methodologies for competency analysis, design of competency-based activities, and robust assessment strategies using learning management systems and tools for reflexive practices. SBA4L provides a comprehensive introduction to Competency-Based Education, outlining the shift from traditional educational paradigms to skill-focused learning.

The roadmap of the module includes an overview of the objectives,  structure, and expected outcomes, guiding learners through the CBE  framework and its practical implications in instructional design. This section is dedicated to the foundational concepts of Competency-Based Education, drawing on the works of Tardif, Poumay, and Georges. It explores the  principles of designing  learning activities that align with specific  competencies, and the methods for evaluating these competencies  effectively. The focus is on practical strategies for integrating CBE into
curriculum design and assessment.

The pedagogical approach is centered around active, competency-based learning. Activities are designed to be experiential, allowing learners to apply CBE principles in real-world contexts. The module uses case studies and project-based learning to enhance engagement and deepen understanding. Gamification elements are incorporated to motivate and track progress.
Each week of the module is carefully structured to build upon the previous one, guiding learners through the process of understanding, developing, and implementing competency-based education strategies.

The resources provided through Moodle are designed to support interactive learning, collaboration, and practical application of concepts.

Main topics addressed

1. Competency Analysis and Curriculum Design
2. Designing Competency-Based Activities
3. Implementing and Assessing Competencies
4. Reflecting and Refining Competency-Based Approaches

Learning outcomes

1. Present new ways of teaching
2. Develop corresponding new ways of

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Language : English

Total workload : 32+ hours

Requirements :

Destined to educators and instructional designers,
emphasizing Competency-Based Education

  • BELLET Pierre (Aix-Marseille UniversitĂ©)

  • MARCHI Sabrina (Aix-Marseille UniversitĂ©)

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