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Game-based teaching of ToE Effect of game-based teaching of the theory of evolution in initial teacher training


March 2024 – December 2024


AI / Technology

Education level involved

middle and high schools in peer countries


Artificial intelligence, digital literacy, green awareness, research, misinformation

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The aim of the project is the assessment, in collaboration with the teachers, of the students’ abilities in data evaluation, which will be necessary during their AI assisted research on a controversial topic such as the climate crisis. Therefore, we propose a dual preparatory teacher training in the fields of green awareness and utilization of Generative AI tools. Before the training phase, the opinions, knowledge and capabilities of the teachers on AI technology will be pre-tested through a questionnaire. During their first training, the teachers will learn to discern correct data and sources of information on environmental issues. During the second, their skills in AI generated text recognition and optimized prompt use will be developed.

After the training phase, the interventions in the collaborating schools will require the students to research specified environmental topics through the ChatGPT tool, evaluate the data through conventional online research, and present the results in a short essay. Utilizing their training, the teachers will have to present feedback on their student’s capabilities, and their continuous progress through the phases of the process. After the completion of the interventions, their own development will be post-tested.

The aforementioned skills, concerning both the teachers and the students, have been highlighted in various recent papers (Baidoo-Anu & Owusu Ansah, 2023; Firat, 2023; Halaweh, 2023; Kasneci et al., 2023)

Project objectives

The project is centered around the following themes: 1) cultivation of digital and research skills of the students on environmental issues. 2) preparation of the teachers to recognize the positive and negative aspects of ChatGPT use by their students, and to bolster the evaluation of data acquired through such means.

Methodological perspective

Participants: Secondary School Teachers and their students trained by experts with specific skills on environmental issues and research, and AI technology.

Sample: 180 students (60 from each country) and 60 teachers (30 from each country)

  • Work Program:
  • September 2024: start of the intervention
  • December 2024: end of the intervention

The intervention will take place once every 1-2 weeks.

  • Preparatory: Discussion with the experts on the educational objectives of the teachers’ training
  • Pre-test questionnaire
  • Teachers’ Training:
  • Phase 1: Training on green awareness and research
  • Phase 2: Training on ChatGPT utilization
  • Classroom Activity: Comparative Research on Environmental Issues, Essay Presentation
  • Post-test questionnaire

Additionnal information

The training sessions will enable the teachers to comprehend, assess and utilize the emerging technology of the Generative AI in educational environmental research. Through their guidance, the students will be able to practice their corresponding abilities, improve their digital literacy and green awareness, and offer the teachers the opportunity to self-assess their own digital capabilities. The continuous feedback, generated by both the students and the teachers, has the potential to modernize the notion of knowledge construction and evaluation.

Project leaders

  • GALANI Apostolia (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

  • ROLAND Elsa (UniversitĂ© Libre de Bruxelles


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