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AMAT Development of a Bank of Valid Questions for Assessing Mathematical Competencies in the Classroom with Adaptive Test


October 2023 - April 2025


Promoting new ways of evaluation/assessment.

Education level involved

Grade 5 and 6


Adaptive test, Mathematic, Equity, Measurement and evaluation, Formative assessment

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The aim of the project is to build upon the knowledge and skills gained from the course on adaptive testing for mathematics assessment (WP2) and develop a research study (WP5) in order to create a bank of valid questions for assessing different levels of students’ mathematical competencies. The proposed research study would involve the analysis of questions provided by the teachers who participated in the course on adaptive testing for mathematics assessment (WP2). In this way, the teachers would play an active role in the study by addressing their own needs for their mathematics program and contributing to the construction of the item bank (Choppin, 1976; Botta, 2018). The results of the study would be used to improve the mathematics program and provide teachers with the necessary resources to assess their students’ progress

Project context

Primary and middle school in Italy and France

Project objective

In addition to those explicitly stated in the call (A progress report after 12 months, a video clip explaining the context of the project, the approach taken and the first results and at least one scientific publication):
• An open-access bank of validated items for assessing different levels of students’ mathematical competencies.
• Improved mathematics programs in the classroom.
• Improved teacher skills to assess their students’ progress.
• Increased teacher involvement in the development and assessment of their students’ mathematical competencies.
• A strengthened community of practice among teachers and researchers.

Methodological perspective

Research-training activities within the community of practice.

Field experimentation of the proposed adaptive testing model

Latest activities

Creation of communities of practice with about 20 teachers in Italy and as many in France;

Design of the questions that will form the item bank for the construction of the adaptive test;

Project leaders

  • Annalisa CUSI (UniversitĂ  Di Roma LA SAPIENZA)

  • Emanuela BOTTA (University of L’Aquila)
  • Rachid ZAROUF (Aix-Marseille UniversitĂ©)
  • Stefania POZIO (INVALSI)

  • Karine ISAMBARD (Aix-Marseille UniversitĂ©)

  • Thomas GARCIA (Aix-Marseille UniversitĂ©)


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