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Autumn semester 2024 + Spring semester 2025 (extra week)

Field of study

Education systems


Online + extra week face-to-face

Open to

Bachelor's, Master's, PhD


Education systems – interculturality - comparative studies and professional expériences

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Application only required for extra week - see practical details

The module is structured by strictly alternating time :

  • for individual work
  • for work in small groups on a particular subject
  • for group time for presentation and discussion.

Comparing education systems


Session 1 (5h)

Find out about different approaches and methodologies. Choose one of the themes identified. (Group time – 2h)

Search for informations on this topic in your own country. (Individual work – 3h)


Session 2 (Work in small group – 2h)

Pool information with students who have chosen the same theme and done the same preparatory work in other countries.

Divide the topic into sub-topics


Session 3 (Group time – 2h)

Present the subjects chosen and the progress of the work

Present reflexion, examples, difficulties


Session 4 (Individual work – 3h)

Work on a sub-topic by organising the information gathered (in an international comparative approach).


Session 5 (Work in small group – 2h)

Compile the various sub-topics into an overall production based on the original theme.


Session 6 (Group time – 2h)

Presentation to the large group and discussion

Main topics addressed

Organisation of education at institutional level, organisation of pupils’ lives in schools, teacher training and professional practice, teaching practices (teaching, assessment), curriculum content.

Learning outcomes

Developpement of professional skills and new teaching practices

Developpement of intercultural skills

Developpement of language and communication skills


Language : English

Total workload : 15h

Requirements :

English language skills : B1/B2


Ability to exchange ideas

  • BOECKER Annika (TÜSE)

  • DIEKMANN Deborah (TÜSE)

  • MAZEAU Serge (Aix-Marseille Université)

  • VOTTERO Eric (Aix-Marseille Université)

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